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zoomer dogOn this page we will be looking at the main features of Zoomer the robot dog. You can find our full Zoomer Review as well as where to get the best price also.

This special little dog toy from Spin Master has many different capabilities and features. Zoomer can be taught  to obey various voice commands, making him a must-have toy for any child over 5 years old.

Amazing Robotics

In his eyes are special sensors to help him measure distances so he can work out where he is going. His eyes also are a screen that lets you know what mode he is on. For example, if he’s ready to receive a command his eyes will show question marks. But if he doesn’t understand that command, his eyes will then show X.

Realistic 360 Degrees Rotating Joints

Zoomer has very realistic movements, twisting, turning, moving and bending his body just like a real dog would do. As soon as you give him a command he responds instantly, although he will need to be trained just as you would a normal dog. As an example, if he is excited, he will wag his tail in response.

Voice Command Receptors and Processors

The Zoomer toy is programmed with multiple voice sensors which help him react to voice commands just like a puppy would. He is able to process over 30 commands, so as you spend time training him he becomes use to all sorts of different activities that you would like him to do. This is a very unique toy as he comes to you untrained.


Real puppies love to sniff things and Zoomer is no different. He can go to sleep, bark, whine, pant and sleep. As he receives proper training, he can even go for a walk in the park with you. He can even balance on three legs and perform tricks as well.

Multiple Language Processors

This little dog can understand English, Spanish and French. You can select the language you prefer after turning him on, then hitting his head gently. He will realize that you are going to give him a command. Question marks will appear on his eyes and now you can ask him to perform certain activities depending what you have already trained him to do. If you ask him to do something that he’s not familiar with, an X sign will appear in his eyes and he won’t respond.

Advanced Infra-red Tech Sensor System

Zoomer has no trouble adapting to different floor surfaces, being able to move effortlessly along hardwood or carpets without hitting objects because he knows where he needs to stop and then back off. He can navigate his surroundings well and just seems to know where he is going. He has infrared collision avoidance technology and measures distances as well. He is great at responding to your actions towards him.

Hypoallergenic Features

As many children suffer from asthma, this toy dog won’t hinder this condition as it won’t leave any hair to clean up after it. You won’t need any flea treatments or expensive visits to the vet with this little dog. This way you can have all the benefits of having a dog while keeping the family healthy.

Zoomer is a pet that is easy to train and fun to have. He’s not only suitable for children, the whole family can have enjoy having this loveable and intelligent little puppy in the home.


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